Eflora Cream

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  • Generic:Eflornithine Hydrochloride
  • Indication:Facial hirsutism (Excessive hair growth on face)
  • Manufacturer:Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
  • Packaging:15 gm creams in 1 tube
  • Strength:15gm
  • Delivery Time:6 to 15 days
  • Availability:In Stock

Buy Eflora Cream Online - Say Goodbye to Unwanted Facial Hair

Achieve smooth and hair-free skin with Eflora Cream, a reliable solution for reducing unwanted facial hair growth. This cream targets hair follicles, slowing down hair growth and leading to smoother skin over time. 


Key Benefits:

- Reduces unwanted facial hair growth 

- Slows down hair regrowth 

- Gentle on the skin 

- Helps achieve smooth and hair-free skin 

- Suitable for all skin types 


Directions for Use:

Order Eflora Cream online and start your journey towards smoother skin. Apply a thin layer of the cream to the affected areas after hair removal, following the recommended usage instructions. Regular use can help reduce facial hair growth over time. 

 Embrace smooth and hair-free skin with Eflora Cream and enjoy the confidence of a hair-free complexion!

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