Protecting Your Personal Data

At Careprost.Online, we prioritize your privacy rights and are dedicated to safeguarding your personal information. The data collected from our website is utilized to enhance your shopping experience. When placing an order, you will be required to create an account containing details such as your email address, mailing address, name, credit card number, and expiry date. We ensure the security of your account data to prevent unauthorized disclosure. Sensitive personal data is not shared with any third party unless required by law.

Security Measures

 When placing an order online, your private information is encrypted using SSL encryption technology to ensure secure transmission over the internet. This encryption makes it challenging for unauthorized individuals to intercept or compromise your data. Your credit card information is stored in secure, offline databases to prevent internet-based access. 

Your Consent 

By using our website, you agree to the processing and use of your data by Careprost.Online. Any updates or changes to our privacy policy will be promptly communicated on our website to keep you informed about the data collection, usage, and accessibility. 

Your Feedback 

We value your input at all times. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at admin@careprost.online. 

Shipping and Order Policy 

Payment for each order is typically based on the shipment's weight. You can check shipping page for more details.

Delivery Address Registration 

Your default shipping address will be used for most of your recent orders. You have the flexibility to update your address during registration or through your account settings. Changes to your shipping address will not impact previous orders. You can manage, modify, or add new shipping addresses as needed. 

Product Information Disclaimer 

The products featured on our website are alternative goods promoted by our company. Any reference to specific brand names is solely for informational purposes for our customers. We do not have plans to sell the mentioned products or have any association with their manufacturers or dealers. 

Product Usage Disclaimer 

We are not obliged to use the products listed on our website for our own purposes. The website does not intend to use the trademarks of the mentioned products, as we do not sell these goods to customers but only provide publicly available information.