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Most of our medicines require a prescription from an approved physician so that the client can send a fax with a copy to our company to ensure that our patient receives the same medicine prescribed to ensure secure implementation for our clients.

All of our products are produced in licensed facilities by the World Health Organization, which guarantees that the product is manufactured with the highest quality and consistency as defined in our product description.

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Also, offer an EMS delivery attempt at your home three or more times. And Careprost.Online is supplying our customer-related monitoring system with the best email and delivery time. In some cases, the tradition needs a new parcel back, so we'll ship a new shipment within 20 days.

Shipping to countries around the world such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Hong Kong, China, France, and many more.

We ship a delivery door to the customer for quick and reliable service. And the customer also enjoys his time and saves some money.

Shipping time is approx. 06 to 15 business days.

Shipping charges are $30 worldwide.

Free delivery on orders above $199.

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